The Great King Takutar have been defeated by Rawana. His Kingdom was taken, because Rawana was informed by an astrologer that Bujanga son of Takutar will be married to prince Bebasari the daughter of a nobleman named Sabari.
Rawana has no faith of any predestined fate, kept seperate those two lovers, and confined Bebasari in a jail guard by jinns and fairies.

When Bujanga reached age, he dreamed of seeing Bebasari face and become passionated.
Bujanga asked his father the meaning of the dream.

The father explained that Bebasari was enggaged to Bujanga.
Bujanga would like to go to seek his fiancee but withheld by his father and uncle Sabari.
Dakarati and Sabainaracu was sent to demand Bebasari.
Bujanga strong in his love, didn’t heed what Sabari have said and leaved his country instead, go to where Rawana imprisoned Bebasari which Saibanaracu pointed out.

Bujanga defeated the hosts and the people of Rawana and expelled Rawana from the Kingdom he taken from his father, and release Bebasari from her imprisonment.
Bujanga married Bebasari as natural luck has promised.

Stage endarkened. In the center a maid, all in white, hair down, kneeling down, hand cuffed with heavy chain. Halfplay flooded by red down light .
In this dim, a whining sound was heard:


O, Dark, O, ignorancer
O Lord, the story arranger.
Open the door me orphaned
Lost father, mother ripped off
O, dimmed universe
Place of cheatery play
Give me holy light
Brighten up barnacle within heart

Flickering light reveal the maid, spoke slowly. Getting loud

Ah, my luck cut stuck
When will be off confined
O, my big brother
It’s been a long time bear in the chest
Look, chain twained about body
Spiteful, swished, sound of writ
Take a good look at me
Listen to sob, suffering flop
Great expectation is on love brother
Shiver, infatuated me awaiting
Heart thirst, desire of life
O, me , I ‘m waiting
Knight bringer, troops of soldiers
O, hope , me virgin
To Bujangga , hero’s heart
Set me free
O, brother of mine
Release, Release o, Release
Full of mourn, carnal suffering
Come, come
Brother of myself
Kiss embrace, our passion
Wave the glory, love of my heart

Gradually light off, stage dark again as before

Stage aren’t floodlighted now. A view in skirt of a jungle , lonely village, backdrop is mountain panorama, green lighted. Front right hand side stage is an old man sitting on a bench made of twigs and branch head in hand. In front of him is a boy on his knee, closing his eyes with his palm contemplating.
A flute fluting with dullness backstage. Getting slower and eventually disappeared.
The old man shake his head slowly. The boy raise his head saying slow and sad

Father, o my father
How hard is I’ve been disturbed
Utterly dark, boisterous
Sky world in my perception
Is having groping in dim
Being hesitate in its course
Aware, athirst
Feeling cut off
Fatigue, exhausted and limped
Buzzed, scattered, feel parted
Body and mind
O, father of mine

Hand in boy’s right shoulder. Wipe off his head
Soft slow, in relief intonated

My son
Remember cloud
have keen eyes
Remember twig
have sonorous ears
Remember stone apt in talk
There’s so many god’s titans
Bushes roots, reckless snaked

Let nature hear alike
Full of heart carrier chalice
blood throbbing in my breast
bitter smart, craver hot
It is right for us to ask explained
Would be a febrifuge.

The parent raise followed by the boy. The father looking into the eyes of his son, shaking his head , astonished, worried.

Calm down, listen son

My deep breast already adopting

The parent take a sit again, wiping forehead with finger. The boy kneeling again bow down his head.
The parent speak by himself

This is the moment I fear
This is the time that I wait
When dawn break in the heart
Torching valley ancient dusk
This is cloud, soul impregnated
Bringing secret in dagger tip
A token of prosperity of city and men
If youth bodily aware
If to bathe in breast wave
trench break slave panter

Both absorbed. The light behind is fading away, then there are alternating glow in green, red, yellow, and the flash also playing in front of the stage. After this light play, hind side stage go dark.
Floodlight is on in pitch bright. The spot where the parent and son sit is highlighted.
The boy move , holding father’s left hand with both hands and say softly and uncontinuously.

My father,
Please Interpret dream in sleep………..
I was playing…………jesting……..hunting
Maybe lake ……….maybe riverbank
Enormous…..mountain ………sky……. cloud
lay longitude……..lay transverse…..
asleep……..spread out………..
leafy thrive of foliage…………

( to be continued)

Roestam Effendi 1926
translation; saptono

Roestam Effendi was born in Padang West Sumatra, on May,13 1903Educated in Bukit Tinggi in West Sumatra and Bandung West Javaand Eventually became principal in a school in Padang.Once became member of tweede kammer (second chamber parliament) during colonial time.Works : Percikan Permenungan ( Splash of Contemplation 1920),Bebasari, a drama 1926 and also Quo Vadis ( a political pamphlet)


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