Politisi manapun yang mengadvokasikan pemisahan agama dan negara atau bahkan menyangkal hak politik kaum muslim sadar tak sadar adalah keturunan ideologisnya Snouck Hurgronje : periksa saja cerita wikipedia soal ini:

As of 1871, the colonial Governor-General relied on an ‘advisor for indigenous affairs’ to manage these tensions. Due to his expertise in Arabic and Islam, Dr. Snouck Hurgronje served in this capacity between 1889 and 1905. His overall advice was to intervene as little as possible in religious affairs and allow optimal freedom of religion. Only manifestations of political Islam were to be countered. Although his advise was implemented and guided colonial policy for years to come, the emergence of Sarekat Islam in 1912 gave rise to the first East Indies political party based on Islamic principles……..

Lebih parah lagi mereka lupa bahwa RI sama sekali bukan kelanjutan Hindia Belanda.


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